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Nick Saban jokes about hiring reporter after offensive line’s ‘so-so’ performance

Nick Saban

Alabama coach Nick Saban has gone back and forth with reporters during news conferences on a few occasions over the years. But when he did it Saturday, it was a little different than usual.

Following the Crimson Tide’s 41-10 win over Fresno State, Saban personally engaged with a reporter in a joking manner after he was asked to evaluate the offensive line’s performance.

After initially answering the question to the best of his abilities, Saban turned the question back on the reporter.

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“I hadn’t watched the film yet, so it’s not fair to make a total assessment,” Saban said. “You guys can see better where you watch the game from than I can see where I watch the game from. What did you think?”

The reporter responded by saying he thought it was “so-so.”

If it wasn’t already clear at that point, that changed in Saban’s facial expression and his response back to that.

“OK, well I appreciate your opinion,” Saban said, smiling. “If I watch the film and I think it’s so-so, maybe we’ll try to hire your ass.”

After laughter burst out in the room, Saban turned to ask an Alabama spokesman if that was the final question.

“That’s it,” the spokesman said.

Alabama had 497 yards of total offense, including 305 yards rushing. The Crimson Tide allowed one sack.

In the second game of the season last year, against Western Kentucky, Saban was in a much worse mood, saying he didn’t think he had ever been as “disappointed after winning a game, maybe ever” following Alabama’s 38-10 win.

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