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Uhhh, what? Florida S Nick Washington likes to catch gators (real ones) in his spare time

Nick Washington
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Florida senior safety Nick Washington helps trap alligators in his free time. Seriously.

Washington, a Jacksonville native, grew up as an outdoorsman and helps a friend remove reptiles from unsafe areas.

Washington, who talked about his unique hobby with ESPN.com, said he has been doing this since his senior year of high school. He says it is “relatively safe and very humane.”

An added bonus? Washington says that the idea of trying to catch the dangerous critters gives him an a mental advantage over his opponent.

“I like that I’m kind of in control of everything,” Washington told ESPN.com.

Washington says that three things must be done when trying to trap an alligator: secure its mouth, wrap the front or back feet and watch out for the tail.

Securing the mouth is the first and most important step.

“Once the mouth is secured, I’m not really afraid to do anything else after that,” Washington said.

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He said Florida defensive tackle Khairi Clark is the only teammate who has said he would accompany Washington on one of these excursions. Most of his teammates, Washington said, call him “crazy.”

Washington also enjoys more mundane things outdoors, especially saltwater fishing. His reasoning, though, is a bit off, if you ask us: “Something can pull you in there,” Washington said. “That’s the thrill.”

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