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Phillip Fulmer denies animosity toward new Tennessee AD John Currie

Phillip Fulmer
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Legendary former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer, who was hired by the university Tuesday as a special advisor to school president Joe DiPierto for community, athletics and university relations, discussed his new position with 104.5 FM The Zone hours after the announcement was made.

“There’s a job description out there somewhere, but whatever the university president needs me to do,” Fulmer said when asked what he’ll be doing. “I’m sure it will include development, it will include some things in athletics certainly, but just kind of at his discretion as to what and how I can help.

“I probably won’t be doing the Rotary Club every Monday at noon or something like that because it’s a part-time job. I’ve done the full-time thing so I don’t need a full-time job.”

Fulmer said he had discussed the potential position with Tennessee for years after spending time with DiPierto on the road; talks became more serious over the past three to four months.

Fulmer also addressed rumors of not having an amicable relationship with new athletic director John Currie, who had previously served as an assistant athletic director during the end of Fulmer’s coaching tenure.

“John was an assistant AD for God sakes, he didn’t fire me,” Fulmer said. “I think it was over-dramatized at least, but we have had several good meetings together and he’s been very respectful to our time at Tennessee and our success and particularly to my coaches who were so loyal to UT.

“We’ve struggled for a long time now and everybody wants the same thing. Let’s get this thing back on a track that we’re all proud of and 12th in the all-sports trophy is not good enough or whatever we are in the conference.

“My thing from the president side is it’s as much about academics as it is athletically and helping all of the campuses grow. I think it’s a big picture combination of kind of a lot of things.”

You can listen to Fulmer’s full interview below:

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