On the SEC coaching carousel with, among others, Greg Schiano, Dan Mullen and Jimbo Fisher

SEC coaching carousel

Once I had a girl on Rocky Top; half bear, the other half cat. Wild as a mink and sweet as soda pop, I still think about that.

I always figured the girl in that verse of “Rocky Top” was sort of crazy. Fun but crazy. But never has a word ever fit a fan base so perfectly. What in the name of General Neyland is going on in Knoxville? It’s beyond crazy. It’s also kind of sad.

But it is so indicative of the silly season gone wild, particularly in the SEC. I’ve truly never seen anything like it. The silly season has become the ridiculous season. Some thoughts on it all.

* The Tennessee situation is comically bizarre. Matt Moscona nailed it; he wrote it before I could. But he was right on. Basically, he said the Vols and their fan base erred on two major fronts.

1. They unfairly slaughtered the character of Greg Schiano, generally regarded as a good man. With no evidence – not even a legitimate he or she said – they dug up an old rumor that Schiano knew about a heinous assault by then-Penn State assistant Jerry Sandusky. The truth is Schiano was sort of accused by another assistant of possibly being an assistant a third assistant might have said witnessed something. Um, what?

Schiano has vehemently denied it, as has the other assistant. Some people – certainly some Vols fans – decided he was lying. But based on what?

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2. In the process, as Moscona also wrote, they might have pulled the plug on a guy who could have lifted Tennessee above the incredible failures of a once-proud program that has died. Schiano won at Rutgers, which is impossible. He didn’t win in the NFL, but neither did Nick Saban. In fact, he is a guy who really does remind me a little of Saban.

He would be taking the job in his 50s, like Saban did at Alabama, enough time to have learned what not to do. He is a fierce recruiter. He is tough, organized, disciplined – not the fake tough we got from Butch Jones. And his teams would play that way. They wouldn’t be afraid. Neither would he. He has been endorsed by Urban Meyer and Bill Belichick.

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