No surprise: SEC schools collectively rake in the cash

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The SEC is king – and that’s certainly true when it comes to bank accounts.

A recent report by USA Today showed that conference athletic departments earned a massive amount of money collectively in the fiscal year 2014-15 – with each of the 14 schools averaging a profit of $16,907,834.

The next closest conference: the Big 12, at $4,844,753 average profit. The average Pac-12 school actually lost $1,519,285.

Texas A&M was the top earner in college athletics in the 2014-15 fiscal year,
making $83,295,225. The SEC had five schools in the top 10, with Alabama, Florida, LSU and Tennessee joining A&M.

The Big Ten has a chance to close the gap on the SEC in 2016, thanks to a pending $250 million TV rights deal with Fox.

The highest-ranking non-Power Five school was Connecticut, which ranked 48th and made $93,366.

Average per-school profits for 2014-15 fiscal year in the Power Five conferences:

SEC: $16,907,834
Big 12: $4,844,753
ACC: $2,663,479
Big Ten: $1,894,174
Pac 12: minus-$1,519,285

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