Alabama leads league in home, road record over past 5 seasons

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We start our review of some key SEC stats over the past five seasons by looking at which teams truly enjoy the best home field-advantage and which truly are road warriors.

Conference teams as a whole have won 71 percent of their home games – conference and non-conference – over the past five seasons.

Alabama, LSU and Georgia enjoy, by far, the best home-field advantages. Alabama is 32-3 at home over the past five seasons, a winning percentage of 91.4 percent. The Tide’s mark is only one game better than LSU, who is 31-4 (88.8 percent) when playing at Tiger Stadium in the past five seasons. Georgia is 29-4 (87.9 percent).

South Carolina, Mississippi State, Florida and Auburn are in the next tier of teams; each has won at least 72 percent of its home games.

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The next tier has Missouri, Arkansas, Texas A&M, Ole Miss and Tennessee; each has won at least 62 percent of its home games.

Then come Vanderbilt and Kentucky. Vandy has won 58.8 percent of its home games, while Kentucky is the only league team with a losing record at home (17-19) over the past five seasons.

In case you’re wondering: Alabama’s three homes losses in the past five seasons have come against LSU in 2011, Texas A&M in 2012 and Ole Miss in 2015. LSU’s home losses in the same span: Alabama in 2012, Alabama and Mississippi State in 2014 and Arkansas in 2015. Georgia’s four home losses: South Carolina in 2011, Missouri in 2013, Georgia Tech in 2014 and Alabama in 2015.

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When SEC teams hit the road or play at neutral sites, things change – a lot. League teams win just 52 percent of their games away from home. The league is split down the middle: Seven conference teams have wining road records over the past five seasons, while seven have losing records.

Alabama again leads the league; the Tide’s 30-4 record (88.2 percent) is by far the best in the league – no other league team has won even 70 percent of its road games over the past five seasons.

Texas A&M is second; the Aggies actually have a better road winning percentage (67.7 percent) over the past five seasons than they do home winning percentage (64.7 percent).

Auburn, Arkansas, Florida and Tennessee see drastic drop-offs when they go on the road, with each’s winning percentage dropping by at least 24 percent when they leave home. Tennessee, in fact, is one of only two league teams with single-digit wins away from home in the past five seasons.

Kentucky has the worst road record of any SEC team, at a staggeringly bad 2-22.

5-season home records

1. Alabama: 32-3, 91.4 percent
2. LSU: 31-4, 88.8 percent
3. Georgia: 29-4, 87.9 percent
4. South Carolina: 26-8, 76.5 percent
5. Mississippi State: 25-9, 73.5 percent
6. Florida: 24-9, 72.7 percent
7. Auburn: 26-10, 72.2 percent
8. Missouri: 22-11, 66.7 percent
T-9. Arkansas: 22-12, 64.7 percent
T-9. Texas A&M: 22-12, 64.7 percent
11. Ole Miss: 22-13, 62.9 percent
12. Tennessee: 22-14, 61.1 percent
13. Vanderbilt: 20-14, 58.8 percent
14. Kentucky: 17-19, 47.2 percent

5-season road/neutral-site records

1. Alabama: 30-4, 88.2 percent
2. Texas A&M: 21-10, 67.7 percent
3. LSU: 19-11, 63.3 percent
T-4. Georgia: 19-13, 59.4 percent
T-4. Missouri: 19-13, 59.4 percent
6. South Carolina: 17-13, 56.7 percent
7. Mississippi State: 16-15, 51.6 percent
8. Florida: 15-16, 48.4 percent
9. Ole Miss: 14-15, 48.3 percent
10. Auburn: 12-17, 41.4 percent
T-11. Arkansas: 11-18, 37.9 percent
T-11. Vanderbilt: 11-18, 37.9 percent
13. Tennessee: 9-17, 34.6 percent
14. Kentucky: 2-22, 8.3 percent

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