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SEC Stadiums to Introduce Residential Space

SEC fans like to say they “live college football.”

That phrase could be getting an entirely new meaning. Mississippi State recently unveiled projections to build residential lofts with views overlooking the Bulldogs’ baseball field available for year-round occupation.

Can an attempt to bring this idea to an SEC football stadium be far behind?

The extraordinary size of most SEC football stadiums and the limited real estate available for development adjacent to them will present major obstacles to any such construction. At the same time, where there’s a will, there’s a way, and you know for certain if the building difficulties can be overcome, there will be great demand for the units and millions to be made from them.

A current trend in stadium construction has seating capacities being reduced and higher-end, amenity-laden options increasing. Residences would be a natural progression of that trend with exclusive-availability 1 or 2 bedroom, 1200 square foot condos overlooking the playing surface at SEC stadiums listing for seven figures. If an ocean view escalates the price of real estate, what would an unobstructed view of The Swamp from 25 stories up command?

Frankly, I’m surprised no one has put this idea into action yet. What could be better for the well-heeled SEC football booster than an opportunity to live at the stadium?

In your best Tennessee accent – “Please forward my mail Martha. The address: 1234 Phillip Fulmer Way, Knoxville, TN 37916, suite 2500. I’ll be spending the holidays at my stadium condo. Go Vols.”

One question I’ve learned not to ask of SEC football fans is: isn’t that a little too much? For SEC fans, it’s never too much. It’s never too close. It’s never overboard or out of the question or unreasonable.

I am happy to drive into town for the game and enjoy a long weekend on campus and be back at home Sunday night. For those of you who truly want to “live” SEC football, your chance may be coming soon. Start saving up.

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