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Second look at loss shows correctable problems for Seminoles

Deondre Francois

What FSU fans were expecting from the Gulf Coast Offense and what showed up against Virginia Tech were two different things. Explosive plays, confused defenders, and points were lacking from the Seminoles performance.

That being said, production in terms of yards were there.

Watching the game in real time one wonders, “what the hell is going on?”

Truth be told, it all boils down to a lack of execution, focus and someone stepping up and being in the moment.

We can blame coaching, but it’s also an indictment on the players. Both have to do something.

Let’s be real, you can’t have five turnovers and multiple drops in a hurry-up offensive and expect to beat anybody. The turnovers were really bad. I mean terrible.

Folks want to blame the offensive scheme, but the fumbles weren’t the fault of scheme and the interceptions were forced passes.

Going back and looking over problems that I initially thought were bad in terms of the line play, actually were the result of poor vision by the running backs and a quarterback scrambling into pressure.

In a breakdown of red zone woes, you see Deondre Francois drop back, have a clear lane to step up into the pocket or run the five yards into the end zone, but instead choosing to roll left into defenders.

That’s not to say that the offensive line played amazing. I’m just it was not the only problem offensively.

Drops and missed opportunities.

The game changes had Keith Gavin not dropped that touchdown in the end zone. I believe the score would’ve been 10-10 at that moment. Nyqwan Murray had plenty of drops. Simple pitch-and-catch was lacking.

The ball is money and you’ve got to treat it as such. Don’t complain about not getting your looks or wanting to go to the league if you cannot catch.

The long run by Cam Akers still baffles me. You can’t break a long run and get hawked down, not as an elite running back.

Taggart also really missed out on that big grab by Murray that looked like a touchdown by running the next play too quickly. Let the officials review the play.

I don’t see anything uncorrectable and Taggart still can turn this offense, team and season around.
Here are a few tweaks I’d recommend based on a few rounds of re-watching the game:

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