Seminole fans need to embrace Willie Taggart’s new vision for program

Willie Taggart

“Old Heads! Stop acting brand new like 2Pac ain’t have a nose ring too. Nobody wins when the family feuds…” Shawn Corey Carter

This generation is interesting. They just operate differently. The mumble rap, the androgynous style of dress with skinny jeans, man buns and purses, the dances, the hippity hop. All this just seems so foreign to me.

But then I realize something and it all becomes perfectly clear: folks thought the same thing about my generation of Noles probably. These kids are different, but no different than any other generation looked to the generation before them.

The Willie Taggart era Noles have made changes, but those changes shouldn’t be as big of a deal as many FSU fans are making them. And as I’ve stated in previous articles, “This ain’t about you!”

Secure the Bag

Let’s clear it up for those who aren’t watching TV in HD: the bag isn’t pink.

It’s close enough to garnet and it depends on your TV what color it actually looks like.

Is it the best look FSU has ever had? No, but I’ve never played defense on any level other than high school and I’m also not currently on the roster. Them boys like it, period.

End of story.

Every gimmick starts off with folks picking on it until it eventually grows on you. Its popularity will grow the more you oppose it. Matter of fact, I like it now because nobody else likes it.

If the backpack gets FSU three turnovers a game for the rest of the season then I don’t care if it’s a Dora The Explorer or Hello Kitty backpack.

Confidence helps win games. That’s what matters.

The backpack isn’t going to lose you football games. I liken it to the now overly-imitated Turnover Chain at UM. I didn’t like it at first, but then I saw the energy it brought to THEIR sideline and thought about how much I didn’t matter in that equation.

Plus, players are motivated by gimmicks all the time. You think a helmet sticker is more noble? I damn sure played for those for no other reason than folks knew the more you had, the better you are. Also, every Monday during the Bowden era he gave a hit spear to the player who delivered the hardest hit in the previous game.

Go DJ, That’s my DJ

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