Seminole fans need to embrace Willie Taggart’s new vision for program

Willie Taggart

Geriatrics chill out. DJs being an active part at football games is not new. You may just be noticing this, but they’ve been playing hip hop in the stadium since the ‘90s if I remember. I know for a fact they did it when I played because Nelly’s “Shake Your Tailfeather” played during warm ups.

I was at the game and the Chiefs were just as loud and proud as always. FSU has a great band that is very loud. If that collection of instruments is drowned out by a DJ then we’ve got a bigger problem anyway. There’s always been a good back and forth.

The only difference is the DJ is more visible now.

You must also remember that stadium atmosphere is just as much about recruiting as it is about how much money you love to brag about spending on the university. Recruiting is marketing. If you’ve been a booster for 40+ years, as everyone seems to love to claim, odds are high that you can no longer run 4.3 or you’re not 6’6 330 and can block. The kids who can do that like the DJ. They like the experience and it increases chances they come to play.


Music at practice

While we are on it, stop complaining about music in practice. FSU went 7-6 in silence. If you haven’t noticed, not one game is played in silence. Stadiums are loud. Lack of focus isn’t created because of the music, lack of focus is a direct result of a lack of accountability which is tough to correct when the ball has been dropped over the last few years.

We’ve been complaining about penalties, drops and missed opportunities post Jameis. This isn’t new to Taggart.

This isn’t FAMU or the Ghetto

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