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Seminoles offense disappears in latest heart-breaker vs. Miami

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This year’s FSU-Miami game was, well, pretty much like every FSU vs. Miami game. It was full of emotional highs and lows. Full of big plays and guys making a name for themselves.

The result came down to turnovers and special teams, something very few, except me, saw coming. Most people expected a blowout.

Bravo to Willie Taggart and staff for putting together 2-and-a-half quarters of solid football that showed when you come to play, nobody can beat you. Here’s the thing though, to quote Shawn Corey Carter, “Moral victories is for minor league coaches.”

Florida State experienced a complete and utter meltdown in the second half offensively. FSU put up 14 points of offense and special teams put up the other 13. When it mattered, all the Noles needed was one drive to put up points.

That’s on Taggart.

Not because the play calling was bad or conservative, as I’ve seen some foolishly state on Twitter, ut simply because Taggart has yet to hold his players accountable in-game when they mess up. Maybe this game wasn’t the time or place, maybe it’s too big of a game, but this has been consistent with the offense.

It needed a spark. It needed… something.

What happened to the running game? Where did Jacques Patrick go in the second half?

These are questions that make me really wonder.

You attack vertically and the game is good, but I understand when you have back-to-back fumbles.

The game shouldn’t come down to a terrible call that shouldn’t have been made, period. But don’t put the game in the hands of the referees. They’ve been saying this since Pop Warner days.

For the love of the defense, and recruiting class, put someone in who makes the offense run or tell us the truth. If you don’t have the quarterback to run your system just say it. It doesn’t mean that they aren’t great people or potentially great men of high character. It just means they don’t fit your system.

Routinely looking this bad on offense is getting hard to explain away.

The defense does have some explaining to do. Like our red zone coverage. We have natural mismatches with a 5-foot-9 corner on a 6-foot-5 wide receiver.

It might be time to switch Stanford Samuels back to corner.

In general, we still have major holes in our secondary. Miami had receivers running open and quarterback Nkosi Perry with more game reps probably hits those guys in future games.

The defensive line did a good job getting to the QB with sacks and hurries, but the next two levels need correcting ASAP.

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