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Seminoles’ second quarter grades better, still not good

Florida State

The second quarter of the season is done for FSU. The team is still not playing good football, but is much improved. FSU very well could have gone 3-0 this stretch, losing a tough one on the road to Miami in which they held a 20 point lead.

I had high expectations for this team and will still hold this team to those expectations. I’m keeping my grading based on an eight to nine win season, which won’t happen now, but 3-3 is still better than the 2-4 they were at this point last season.

Offensive Grade: C

FSU’s offense has made strides in the last three games. When it’s all connecting, you can see how tough this offense is to stop. Lack of consistency continues plaguing this unit, but you cannot say you don’t see marked improvements. Improvement was especially noticeable in the first half of the Miami game.

Offensive Line: C+

Most pundits will say I’m crazy for giving this high of a grade, but FSU has recorded a zero sack game, a two sack game, and then seemingly imploded against UM giving up six sacks. I went back and watched that game and can only assign two of those sacks on the line.

I’m also grading the line on a bit of a curve because it’s still a patchwork of players being made to look worse by poor decisions from Deondre Francois. Between Francois holding the ball too long, questionable protection calls, and forcing inside runs out of shotgun, which just isn’t working, the offensive line hasn’t received help from teammates or coaches.

Wide Receiver/TE: B

FSU now has players you can count on to make plays. Tamorrion Terry has one of the best per-catch averages in the nation. Nyqwan Murray continues to be one of Francois favorite targets. DJ Matthews is growing in his role.

Most encouraging is that you see guys running wide open. When Francois starts seeing the entire field, FSU could catch a team off-guard and put points up.

Running Back: D

Until FSU shifts to a pistol formation, consistently uses a two tight end set, or simply holds the QB accountable on the zone read, this will not improve.

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