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Seminoles’ second quarter grades better, still not good

Florida State

Quarterback: C-

The entire Gulf Coast Offense accelerates or decelerates based upon quarterback play. Frankly, it’s the QB play that has not allowed this offense to be as high powered as possible.

When the pressure was on against NIU and Louisville, Francois rose to the occasion. Against Miami, he showed very little poise in the second half.

The same problems from the first quarter of the season are plaguing him. When he had time, he has not consistently taken advantage of what’s there. You can slow up a defense by making them pay when you have the opportunities.

The more glaring issues are his lack of awareness in reading coverage and understanding slide protection. Against UM, he literally stared down a blitz that he could’ve shifted to protect him. I don’t want to hear about how tough he is, he’s bringing the hits on himself.

Defensive Grade: C+

I don’t understand some of what’s going on with the defense. They consistently buck up for a half. Coverage matchups in the redzone don’t make sense. Placing 5-foot-9 corners on 6-foot-5 WRs is not a recipe for success if you can’t get to the QB.

The inability to get off the field on 3rd-and-Kelly (3rd and long) still haunts this unit. That being said, they’ve performed flawlessly at times and the offense hasn’t stepped up to help them with momentum.

Defensive Line: B+

This unit has improved tremendously over the last three games. The defensive line is one of the highest-ranked in terms of QB hurries and has 19 sacks. They are doing a better job of pressuring the QB as well. Brian Burns is performing at the level we all expected and Marvin Wilson is providing pressure up the middle.

Both still need to be better in rushing situations and third and long; when you know a slow developing pass play is coming, you’d like them to get the sack.

Linebackers: C-

This unit remains a weakness, but is improving. DeCalon Brooks was ACC LB of the week against Louisville. FSU doesn’t have that thumper yet.

Dontavious Jackson is starting to become more consistent.

I’m hoping the linebackers are just a year away with these guys becoming more familiar with the system and more recruits being added.

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