Seminoles wrap up productive first week of practice

Florida State Seminoles football 2018

Thank god it’s August and football season continues inching closer. FSU is in the process of closing out week one of fall camp and not for nothing, it’s been an intense for a first week of camp.

The new car feel of Willie Taggart in Tallahassee hasn’t worn off yet and that’s good.

Hunger, intensity and accountability seem to have been lacking last season.

But really what does all this mean?

For the most part, week one practices were in shorts and elite athletes should look elite in shorts. I could get you overly excited, but the truth of the matter is, folks start acting different when the gold pants come out.

What should you as a a Seminole fan take from fall camp so far?

Coach Taggart and staff work their asses off

On first thought, yeah, that’s a no brainer. Every staff works hard and this is no knock to anybody, but let’s just look at what they did week one.

The typical college football practice is two to two-and-a-half hours long. Taggart and staff have completed two of these per day. Not two practices for the players, but two separate practices for freshman and younger players as well as a veteran practice.

Youngsters have the ability to move up to the veteran practice.

This split will eventually merge until it’s just one practice.

The importance of doing a split practice like that is to get freshman acclimated to the speed and intensity of an elite college program. When I came to FSU back in 2002, we had something called freshman camp that allowed freshman a week before fall camp to get acclimated. It was disbanded in 2003, but I always thought it was a great idea. If for nothing else to get new players reps.

I think the coaches doing double time can help expedite the learning curve of a new offense and defense.

Brothers Fight

You’re not having a good camp if you don’t see some hands fly. Coaches act like they don’t like it, and if it goes too long they’ll get annoyed, but it definitely shows fight.

There’s usually no retaliation as you’re not actually trying to kill your brother, but prove a point that you’re no punk. A few skirmishes happened and the coaching staff made the combatants hold hands and walk the field like a Pop Warner practice.


I’m good with the fight and even better with the punishment. Fights happen.

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