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Six questions for the Seminoles to answer as practice begins

Florida State football practice

Monday, August 6th, 2018 begins the first fall camp for Willie Taggart and the FSU Seminoles. You’re giddy because you know this is now the true official countdown to the college football season.

Players are wondering how practice will be, anticipating the intensity of the 24 scheduled periods, while running thinking of their responsibilities knowing that they have to accomplish more in the next 30 days than any FSU football program since Bobby Bowden was coaching.

This was the first full upheaval of a coaching staff since the 1970s. A lot of the new offensive and defensive systems were put in during the spring, but now is when it counts. Upon the conclusion of camp lies a formidable conference opponent.

Fans share the excitement with the players, coaches and staff. FSU fans are gearing themselves up with season kick off events. I recently participated in one with Josh Newberg from 247 Sports and another’s on the way with the Jax Seminole Club and Charlie Ward.

Here are six questions fans should have answered through fall camp leading up to the kick off on Labor Day at Doak.

Who will be QB1?

Who becomes the leader of the Gulf Coast Offense has split Nole Nation and has had everyone involved in Big 3 Twitter interested since Willie Taggart took over. It’s almost worse than a presidential election. You’ve got Team Blackman and Team Frenchie, with a growing contingent for dark horse candidate Bailey Hockman.

Taggart has been consistent that he can tailor the offense to any QB, but fans have their favorites with no clear wrong reasons. The competition will be fierce with all of them working on weaknesses, both physical and mental.

The main thing is, once the QB is chosen, fans being mature enough to trust the head chief’s choice.

Pace of play

Can you learn how to play up-tempo in this short of time? Taggart only had a few practices in the spring and you could see a clear distinction in the way players approached practice. It was fun, but very hard and fast.

The biggest hire he had this off-season was Coach O and a lot of the Noles ability to play fast falls on his strength and conditioning program.

The biggest areas where fans should be looking for changes is along the defensive and offensive lines. Can the big boys adapt to running more plays and stay healthy during the process?

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