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South Point casino sports book sets point spreads for SEC games throughout season

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There may be no name more synonymous with sports betting and Las Vegas than Jimmy Vaccaro. When “The Simpsons” needed an oddsmaker to appear in an episode of “Who Killed Mr. Burns?,” who did they call? That’s right, my pal Jimmy.

After coming out of retirement to be serve as Director of the South Point Hotel, Casino & Spa, Vaccaro has taken the South Point sports book and made it one of the best in the world.

With the kickoff to college football slowly making its way, we take a look at the SEC teams and odds featured in South Point’s list of “College Football Games of the Year.” While the limit per bet on these games is $1,000, the South Point will gladly book your action on these games that are over two months away.

What surprises will you find? What value is there to be had? If you’re a strong believer that one SEC team may be a sleeper – or overrated – you can find better numbers now than in the days before the game is played after the public has been made aware of what you think now.

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Other sportsbooks will put out Week One lines early. Vaccaro & Co. put out over ONE HUNDRED bettable games now. Here are the Southeastern Conference teams listed in the South Point’s Top 100 games.

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OPEN   CURRENT                           

September 8th                                                             

Georgia                        -11        -14

South Carolina


September 15th       


Auburn                          -12        -12


Alabama                       -20        -20



September 22nd                                    


Auburn                          -23        -22


Texas A&M

Alabama                       -21        -22


September 29th        


LSU                              -13        -13


October 6th                      

LSU                              -3.5       -1



October 27th             


Georgia                        -15        -13


November 3rd

Alabama                       -10        -12



November 10th


Georgia                        -3         -3.5


Kentucky                      -1

Tennessee                                PK



Texas A&M                   -7         -9.5


November 22nd

Texas A&M

Alabama                       -21        -22


November 24th


Alabama                       -7         -8



Florida State                 -7         -7


Georgia Tech

Georgia                        -21        -20



Louisville                      -9         -7


South Carolina

Clemson                       -19        -20


Other sports books will begin offering action on select games in the coming days, weeks, and months.

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