Stellar early reviews for new FSU football strength coach Irele Oderinde

Irele Oderinde Oregon strength coach

“Coach O is serious. Everything he does is serious. It’s not a game… his program is serious. I’m gonna put it that way. I’m gonna leave it alone before he gets me.” – Florida State defensive lineman Brian Burns.

There are numerous correlations between an effective football coach and my favorite movie. “The Godfather.”

Orders are dictated through the chain of command. You’ve got to have your consiglieres (both coordinators) and your capos, but no one is more important than your enforcer. Your Luca Brasi.

Luca Brasi was greatly feared in the book, “The Godfather,” and that fear is hinted at in the movie as well – the mere mention of his name straightened up folks who didn’t act right.

Well, a simplification of the role of a strength and conditioning coach for a college football team is that you’ve got to be a relateable Luca Brasi. Your job is what makes the organization run as you make sure everyone is in proper order.

Insert FSU football’s new strength coach Irele Oderinde. Coach O’s presence is felt inside the weight room. He’s one of the first coaches I wanted to meet. As a performance coach myself by trade, this is the coach who excites me the most because he’s probably the most important coach on the staff. He’s in charge of making sure the players are strong enough, fast enough, durable enough and mentally tough enough to be able to run an uptempo offense and maintain a physical edge all while staying healthy over a potentially 15 game season.

This is a paradigm shift in the philosophy that Jimbo Fisher had which was a slower pace. That slower pace was reflected in the training program of former S&C coach Vic Viloria. This isn’t saying that Viloria’s program wasn’t good, but that I saw flaws in it, the most important one being guys just didn’t buy into the program anymore.

I remember the Twitter exchange between Bobby Hart and Jacobbi McDaniel last summer about the program. It wsn’t the most pleasant and revealed that players had lost faith in it.

The S&C coach is also in charge of discipline, and after Viloria’s DUI, that made rules tough to enforce. The program needed a new accountability bearer.

Coach O has been with Willie Taggart since Western Kentucky. Some FSU fans were worried when they learned Oderinde was suspended for a month early in his tenure at Oregon for workouts that the administration there deemed too strenuous. These workouts sent three Duck players to the hospital complaining of a variety of over-training related problems. You can read more about the suspension here.

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