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Uhhh … what? Steve Spurrier says today’s teams pass too much

Steve Spurrier

Steve Spurrier used the Fun ‘n’ Gun offense to build Florida into a national power. Now, though, he says teams are going overboard in the passing game.

Spurrier said teams today often rely too much on passing during a podcast posted by the Florida athletic department.

Spurrier, who coached the Gators from 1990-2001 and South Carolina from 2004-15, was asked what’s changed the most since the start of his coaching career. After mentioning the rise of the shotgun and spread formations and zone-read plays, Spurrier offered an opinion that might surprise more than a few SEC fans.

“Teams are throwing, I think, too much now,” he said.

That’s right: The Head Ball Coach, whose offensive scheme has been credited with bringing a revolution to a conference previously noted for straight-forward, I-formation football, now feels teams have gone too far in the other direction.

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Actually, based on history, he has a case.

Although fans sometimes associate Spurrier with wide-open aerial assaults with quarterbacks like Shane Matthews, Danny Wuerffel and Rex Grossman, his Florida teams made their mark on the ground as well.

Spurrier noted that his first starting running back, Errict Rhett, still holds the Gators’ career rushing record with 4,163 yards from 1990-93. Later on, Fred Taylor, Elijah Williams, Terry Jackson and Earnest Graham also churned out steady yardage in the Fun ‘n’ Gun.

“We always sort of hoped it would be around 50-50, but we weren’t hung up on that,” Spurrier said.

Three of the top-five rushers in Florida history – Rhett, Taylor and Graham – played for Spurrier.

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