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Why Tennessee fans should be rooting for Alabama in national title game

Will Tennessee fans be watching their two biggest rivals square off in the SEC Championship Game - again?

So Tennessee fans, who ya got?

Let’s face it, most UT fans would rather root for Satan than see one of their rivals, Alabama or Georgia, win a national title, which will happen Monday evening.

Frankly, there’s only one correct choice: grab the hounds tooth cap and pull for Crimson Tide.

Ouch, that just doesn’t sound right, but it’s true.

First, there’s the easy reason. The Vols don’t want Georgia gaining any more national prominence than it already has. If the Vols ever actually compete for a championship again, they’ll likely have to get through the Bulldogs to do it.

Roll Tide!!!

Also, UT could benefit from Jeremy Pruitt flashing a national championship ring in recruiting.

As UT’s next coach and current Alabama defensive coordinator, I’m assuming he’ll get one. Perhaps he could have some orange-colored diamonds worked in the setting. Moreover, another dominant defensive performance against one of the top teams in the land would be a strong selling point for Pruitt, whose defense hammered Clemson.

Roll Tide!!!

Then there’s the reality of the matter. Tennessee isn’t close to competing with Alabama in recruiting. Based off of recent history, that won’t change anytime soon. However, Georgia’s recent surge in recruiting could just be a flash in the pan and not sustainable. I know I’m reaching a bit here, but UT fans have to root for someone, right?

Roll Tide!!!

Alabama is still going to land its top prospects, but they’ve been recruiting nationally as of late. The Vols will be facing-off with Georgia in recruiting more often, especially in the Atlanta area. UT doesn’t need the Bulldogs to be any hotter than they already are. A national championship would do that.

Roll Tide!!!

Even former UT coach and current athletic director Phillip Fulmer said he’s rooting for Alabama in the national championship game. I never thought I’d hear those words come from Fulmer’s mouth.

Isn’t that reason enough?

Roll Tide!!!

So when you tune in the national championship game tonight, there’s really only one option if you’re at Tennessee fan. Root for Alabama. Or perhaps just binge out on Game of Thrones.

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