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Vols OL Jashon Robertson has lost body fat – but still has the occasional chicken wing (and doughnut)

Jashon Robertson
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HOOVER, Ala. – Tennessee senior offensive lineman Jashon Robertson can fill out a suit — but not like he used to.

During SEC Media Days, Robertson said he has dropped from 29 percent body fat to 15 percent body fat since last year. he said strength and conditioning coach Rock Gullickson, who was hired in January, deserves much of the credit.

“First thing he did coming in was not only weight training but taking care of your body, recovering. Getting enough sleep, eating the right things,” Robertson said. “He was really invested in changing our bodies, not just making our (weight room) numbers sky rocket. We have guys who need to get bigger getting bigger. Guys who need to lose body fat are losing body fat.”

Robertson said his most common meals consist of salmon, salad and vegetables. He has rice, potatoes or fruit for the carbohydrates before activity. So does he ever get a cheat meal?

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“Oh, yeah,” Robertson said with a smile. “Every weekend I get a cheat meal.”

Without prompting, Robertson thought a bit harder about his overall diet.

“I’m not going to lie — I get more than one cheat meal,” Robertson said after a pause.

Wings are the cheat of choice on most Thursdays. He and his fiancée either eat out or she cooks. Then, there’s another temptation besides wings.

“If it’s not that, we go get doughnuts,” Robertson said.

So has he ever done wings and doughnuts in the same night? Robertson smiled at the question

“It’s happened,” he said. “That’s just the big guy in me

“Sometimes you’ve just got to let him out.”

Robertson has been a starter at guard since his true freshman season in 2014. He also saw time at center in the spring; Robertson will start this fall, though the position is the question.

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