The Newest Tool For Your NFL Survivor Pools and DFS is OddsMarket


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Excitement is building as we move through spring towards summer. The Draft is over and we are starting to build a picture in our minds of the upcoming NFL season. We are already thinking about our Fantasy Football drafts, DFS money-making opportunities, and of course throwing a few bucks down on the occasional game when it feels right.

OddsMarket is a new site dedicated to information aggregation and betting lines that will help you stay on top of your game this NFL season.

Team Previews and Game Predictions

I don’t know if you have ever followed ESPN’s analysts’ picks on NFL football … but they are terrible. They can’t even seem to get it right when it comes to picking the outright winner with heavy, heavy favorites. And they are absolute garbage at prediction spreads and totals.

OddsMarket’s game predictions are written by handicappers who are using a specific set of information to analyze the games in an unbiased nature. Being right more often than not is imperative if they want to earn a living! Their job is to beat the sportsbooks, not placate large fan-bases like ESPN and Yahoo.

If you want to find information and statistical data that will help you with not only picking winners in Vegas or at online sportsbooks but dominate your survivor pools and cash in on DFS, OddsMarket will be your go-to site. The use of models created using historical data and situational data, such as, ‘Team X’ playing on the road, after a loss against a non-conference team as an underdog of three points or less will give you that extra edge.

Real-time Betting Odds

Many websites’ odds are static and must be manually updated periodically. The effect of this can be devastating to a bettor as they miss key movements in the moment which could indicate steam, heavy public action, or personnel issues that hasn’t yet been publicized.

Again, when dealing with the highly competitive world of DFS and beating bookies, it’s all about finding that extra little edge. Even the futures odds (seasonal odds to win, division, conference, and Super Bowl) update in real time so that you don’t miss an opportunity. You can’t beat the lines if you are hours behind them!

The best part about this is you can quickly sign up for a free user account via facebook or email and customize your layout. This way you can put the books that you use the most front and center for easy price comparisons between books and markets.


OddsMarket screenshot

The Bet Tracker

This is my favorite little tool on OddsMarket. I guess I shouldn’t say little … because it is freaking fantastic. One of the primary things that most non-professional bettors struggle with is managing their money correctly. This means using spreadsheets to track your starting bankroll and each and every wager amount with the exact amount of juice you paid. This way you can track you win/loss percentage and see exactly how many units you have either won or lost.

Over the long haul, this is what separates winners and loser. Winners, adjust their bets accordingly almost how you would on a blackjack table when the cards go from hot to cold or vice versa. The problem is … it’s a fair amount of work and more than that … it’s tedious.

When you have a free user account with OddsMarket, you can just click the line that you already used or are going to use (it doesn’t even matter if it is the same sportsbook, the vig or juice and odds need to be the same) and add it to your virtual betslip and thus, the Bet Tracker.


OddsMarket screenshot

The tracker does all of the sums for you! So all you have to do is remember to take the whopping two seconds of time it takes to make two mouse clicks; one to click your line and one to add it to the tracker. No more accounting for you, my friends.  This free tool is CLUTCH!


I only listed three of my favorites, but there are tons of other reasons why football fanatics will love OddsMarket. You’ll find the site easy to navigate with many useful tools. So, as the NFL preseason hits, hop on over and check it out.

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