The stories of gambling operators giving back to society

Children's hospital

Brick-and-mortar and online casinos, bookmakers and gambling operators in general tend to have a negative reputation among the general population of many nations. It’s true that gambling can have extremely negative effect on individual people’s lives, as well as the entire society, but it’s not all bad.

Some gambling operators decided to give back to the society by using parts of their profits to do something good for the world. Let’s take a look at a couple of stories of gambling contributing to a good cause.

Ladbrokes Coral raising funds for a children hospital

One example can be found in Scotland, where Ladbrokes Coral, the largest retail bookmaker in the United Kingdom, raised tens of thousands of pounds for a good cause, specifically for the Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, as The Scotsman reported.

The company and its employees took part in multiple fund-rising events in the city of Glasgow and the surrounding areas and raised an impressive amount of £35,000 for equipment the hospital needed. Ladbrokes Coral also raised another £4,000 in Edinburgh for one of the city’s hospital.

It’s fair to say that these amounts of money are pretty much nothing when compared to the company’s revenues, but it’s nice to see bookmakers putting in effort to raise money for a good cause.

Charity gambling – Entire profit goes to a good cause

To push things even further, there is a phenomenon called charity gambling. The entire profit from charity gambling activities goes to a good cause. A great example of this can be found in the Paf online casino, which donates its entire profit to supporting public projects within sports, education and protecting the environment, as the casino’s website claims.

Paf also operates physical casinos on board cruise ships in the Baltic and the North Sea and it’s the national gambling operator on the Åland Islands, an autonomous archipelago province in the Baltic sea belonging to Finland.

What’s more, the casino manages to offer great services while giving money to good causes. Casino.guru gives Paf online casino a perfect reputation in its review, which is a clear indicator of the fact that the casino also cares a lot about its players and treats them fairly.

Of course, Paf is not the only example of the phenomenon of charity gambling. There are other companies that try to combine gambling and giving back. If you ever flew with Ryanair, you must remember the scratch cards the cabin crew sells during the flight. Ryanair also donates a part of the income from those to charity.

Supporting responsible gambling

Another great cause many gambling operators support is spreading information about responsible and safe gambling. Online casinos and bookmakers want their customers to gamble safely and responsibly. Gambling can be a form of safe entertainment, but it also has a potential to ruin lives. Education in this field is something that can prevent huge personal issues that can arise from irresponsible gambling.

That’s exactly why each big casino and bookmaker has detailed information about responsible gambling on their site and organizations like Responsible Gambling Council, National Council on Problem Gambling any many other were created. If you ever felt like your gambling habits are out of hand, you definitely shouldn’t hesitate to reach out and seek help. These non-profit organizations can really save lives in some cases, so don’t shy away

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