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Third Day’s Mac Powell talks Alabama fandom on ‘Joy in Sports’

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Mac Powell of Third Day joins Rachel Baribeau on her latest “Joy in Sports” podcast to discuss his band, life and love for the Crimson Tide.

Baribeau has a little fun, asking Powell about other directions he would have gone in life if he wasn’t in a band.

“If you didn’t become Mac Powell of Third Day, would you have been an Alabama football player?” Baribeau asked.

Powell laughed.

“Never, no,” Powell said. “I’m just a fan. I was always a skinny little kid. I love playing football in the backyard, but I never even played on a pee-wee league or anything like that. I was a baseball player, I loved baseball. I loved football, but just knew I don’t like getting hit. I was never tough enough to play football. I could be a great water boy or something like that.”

Baribeau asked Powell if he was tempted to switch allegiances when he moved to Georgia as a child.

“I was probably 14 or 15 when I moved to Georgia,” Powell said. “I tried to become a Georgia fan, I just couldn’t do it. Alabama never really played Georgia that much, so I didn’t really have a hatred for Georgia.

“In fact, I always say we’re sister schools, Alabama and Georgia, because we hate the same schools. We hate all the orange and blue schools: Auburn, Florida and Tennessee. So we kind of share that in common.”

When called an Alabama bandwagoner, Powell clears the air.

“Alabama was not good in those years in high school, around the late ’80s, early ’90s,” Powell said. “We really weren’t that good. It was hard being a ‘Bama fan for a long time. I know people don’t understand that now, but it has been at times.”

As for this season’s team, Powell – like everyone else – has been impressed with quarterback Jalen Hurts.

“What Jalen Hurts has done to this point is pretty amazing,” Powell said.  “And to think, he’s just a true freshman.  Think of the possibilities and potential this kid has.  It’s possible he could become the best Bama QB ever!”

Listen to the rest of “Joy in Sports” with Mac Powell below.

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