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Tim Brando: FSU ‘looked like sub-standard SEC team intimidated by Nick Saban’

Florida State still a College Football Playoff contender? Count Fox Sports college football broadcaster Tim Brando as one observer who has new doubts about the Seminoles.

Brando appeared on “Midday Chalk” with Rick Ballou on 1010XL Jax Sports Radio, and he didn’t like what he saw from Jimbo Fisher’s team in the Seminoles’ season-opening loss to Alabama.

“It was your typical, Alabama, systematic dismantling. Florida State kind of played into their hands,” Brando said. “Jimbo (Fisher) did not have a good game, at all. I think there is an intimidation factor (when former Nick Saban assistants face him).

“I thought Florida State looked like a sub-standard SEC team intimidated by Nick Saban the other night, that’s what they looked like.”

In a game billed as the best season-opening matchup ever in college football, the then-No. 3 Seminoles fell flat against No. 1 Alabama and fell 24-7.

They also lost starting quarterback Deondre Francois for the rest of the season due to a knee injury sustained in the fourth quarter.

Put it all together and you get a major disappointment. Brando certainly saw it that way.

“I expected a much closer game. I thought the Seminoles would move the ball better,” Brando said. “They didn’t. And as a result, I think that Jimbo Fisher’s team with a young freshman quarterback now, it’s more of a question mark.”

With one loss already, the Seminoles’ playoff hopes likely depend on an unbeaten season the rest of the way. That part looks like a challenge.

“I still think they have a lot of talent, not saying they can’t run the table,” Brando said. “But I’m saying it’s more of a 50-50 proposition than it was before.”

Brando said that among the potential beneficiaries could be Bobby Petrino and Louisville. Armed with reigning Heisman Trophy quarterback Lamar Jackson, the Cardinals could be well positioned to challenge the Seminoles for ACC dominance.

“They (Louisville) should probably have a lot of confidence now, as all the teams in that division of the ACC should have, after what happened to Florida State,” Brando said.

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