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Forget perception; Trevor Knight is Texas A&M QB reality


COLLEGE STATION, Texas – Everyone loves to say that “perception is reality.”

Perhaps sometimes. But certainly not all the time. And not in the case of Texas A&M football and, more specifically, the Aggies’ quarterback situation.

In the past week, Tate Martell decommitted, and in doing so set off an internet firestorm of folks speaking about all the problems surrounding the program.

I’m here to talk about reality.

While he has been on campus just five months, Trevor Knight has proven he has what it takes to be a legitimate team leader. COURTESY TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS

While he has been on campus just five months, Trevor Knight has proven he has what it takes to be a legitimate team leader. COURTESY TEXAS A&M UNIVERSITY ATHLETICS

First, while it is true that the Aggies would have loved to “keep” Martell, is it really in their worst interest that he is pursuing his options this early in the game? No.

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How would things have gone if Martell wasn’t happy with how things were going at A&M but came to College Station anyway? You could have had a Kyler Murray 2.0 situation (which is funny, considering that more than one person has called Martell that because of his on-field ability).

If you’ll think back, in early 2015, Murray took a visit to Austin and had the collective A&M fanbase losing its mind over the possibility that a prized recruit could switch sides. Murray eventually signed with A&M and we all know how that turned out.

The point is, while many across the country are seeing smoke coming from the A&M football facility, there is no fire. Instead, what you have are real leaders making their impact felt in a gigantic way.

Monday, Trevor Knight and A&M director of player development Mikado Hinson spoke about an upcoming mission trip to Haiti that Knight, 14 other football players, 14 other athletes from various sports and a collection of A&M staff members will be going on later this week.

That is the type of stuff that is really going on inside the A&M locker room. While things like this graphic make their rounds on Twitter, the actual foundation of the team is growing stronger.

Knight is not included in that graphic, and a vast majority of the players who are either transferred because they were not going to start or turned pro in another sport.

Meanwhile, Knight has been on campus for all of five months and look at what he is doing to bring his teammates closer together. A&M football strength coach Larry Jackson praised Knight for his leadership ability at the beginning of spring practice, and that ability apparently has only grown stronger in the months since.

In addition, backup quarterback Jake Hubenak has said to anyone who will listen that Texas A&M is the place he always has wanted to be. Heck, Hubenak legitimately grew up as an Aggies fan.

Hubenak also has supported coaches’ decisions and pledged his loyalty to his team and teammates.

There’s another saying that some people love to use in situations like the one A&M supposedly has been in lately and that is “Kevin Sumlin has lost control of his program.”

That may be the perception, but it is not the reality.

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