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Urban Meyer and Ohio State are boring – but in a good (very good) way

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer
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COLUMBUS, Ohio – Ohio State’s Urban Meyer is many things: driven, self-assured, candid and – well – boring.

If variety is the spice of life, then Meyer’s Buckeyes are a steady diet of high school cafeteria food with a side of instant mashed potatoes and maybe some ice cream for dessert. (Vanilla, of course.)

Simply put, Ohio State under Meyer may be the most consistently outstanding team, across the board, in the entire country.

You may be aware that only Ohio State and Alabama have finished in the top 12 of the final AP rankings every year since Meyer arrived in Columbus. Crimson Tide fans rightly will point out that their worst postseason ranking in this time frame is seventh, and there is no questioning Alabama’s success.

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What is remarkable about the Buckeyes, though, is that Meyer’s team is predictable, not only in its overall achievement but in its performances on both sides of the ball and in recruiting.

Meyer’s worst team in terms of scoring offense was the 2015 squad, which averaged 35.7 points per game to rank 28th in the country. How many other teams have placed in the top 28 each of the past six seasons? Only one: Oregon.

Defensively, despite finishing 12-0, Meyer’s first season with the Buckeyes was a relative struggle. The 2012 Buckeyes allowed 22.8 points per contest to rank 31st nationally. How many other teams were in the top 31 every one of the past six seasons? Two: Alabama and Wisconsin.

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When it comes to recruiting, Meyer’s lone “down year” was a seventh-place finish in the 247Sports rankings in 2015. How many other teams have managed to rank in the top seven every year since 2012? Only one: Alabama.

College football teams, most of them anyway, have a down season now and then. At the very least, they have seasons where one aspect of their play isn’t quite up to par. Meyer largely avoids that.

So, yeah, Meyer’s Buckeyes are fairly boring – and Ohio State fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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