WATCH: Verne Lundquist gets hit in the face with a basketball at NCAA tournament

Verne Lundquist
@MarchMadnessTV/Twitter screenshot

Verne Lundquist may be done calling SEC football games on CBS, but his days as a broadcaster aren’t over yet.

On Saturday, even the 76-year-old Lundquist may have been reminded of that when he was hit in the face with a loose basketball during pregame shootaround of a second round NCAA men’s basketball tournament game.

Lundquist appeared to be looking down at notes in preparation for West Virginia’s eventual 83-71 win over Notre Dame, so the ball caught him off guard. He was OK, though, and laughed about it all – both immediately after it happened and later during the game’s broadcast.

“Oh, that hurts on replay,” Lundquist said. “It’s a tougher sport than I thought.”

West Virginia senior guard Teyvon Myers was the player whose basketball accidentally hit Lundquist in the face. He shook hands with both Lundquist and broadcast partner Jim Spanarkel after it occurred.

Still, while even Lundquist found the incident funny, it’s hard to beat getting kissed on the cheek by a fur coat-wearing Joe Namath during a football broadcast.

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