What is the loudest stadium in the SEC? We rank them, 1-14

Kyle Field, Neyland Stadium, Death Valley, The Swamp. … All fans are going to their favorite team’s stadium has the most hostile atmosphere and is the loudest. But is it really?

In terms of why and how a stadium gets to be deafening, some crucial building structures must be in place to gain the title of “loudest.” The most important structural necessities:

No escaping sound: Any open areas in the stadium are places where sound can escape and therefore is wasted. It would take a lot for a stadium with open end zones to break any sound records.

Stay narrow: The more distance sound waves have to travel, the more it dissipates. The closer the stands are to each other and the sidelines, the louder the stadium will be.

Go steep and high: Steep seating means all fans’ yelling goes towards the field and is not muffled into the backs of the people in front of them.

Go hard: Soft surfaces of any kind absorb sound. Soft surfaces can be people, grass, or anything that is not metal or concrete.

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Unfortunately for this exercise, no SEC school has a domed stadium. The loudest domes are ones where the roof is long and flat and angled correctly to send the noise back down to the field, so that the sound doesn’t get stuck floating above all the people.

Based on the structural components, fan base and atmosphere of each venue, we’ve ranked each SEC football stadium, from 14th to first, for loudness. Cover your ears; this might get a bit rowdy.

VANDERBILT STADIUM, by Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt Athletics

VANDERBILT STADIUM, by Daniel Dubois/Vanderbilt athletics

14. Vanderbilt Stadium

School: Vanderbilt
Particulars: 40,350 capacity. Opened in 1981.
The buzz: With the smallest stadium capacity in the SEC, an open end zone and low stands, Commodores games just don’t compare to others in the SEC.

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