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What would Dooley and Munson find to worry about 2018 Dawgs?

Larry Munson

Georgia football fans of a certain vintage learned to worry about the Bulldogs from Vince Dooley and Larry Munson, two of college football’s finest fretters.

Vince opined that an opponent might boast not just the fastest receiving corps in college football that given season, but perhaps in the history of college football (Tennessee circa 1980). Florida featured not only a bunch of big, tough defensive linemen, but had one big, bull Gator that nobody could block (David Galloway). Vanderbilt might not seem a terrible threat most seasons, but Dooley convinced us that Commodore wideouts blocked downfield better than anybody.

How the Dogs ever won 201 games during Vince’s reign in Athens despite facing astronomical odds every week for 25 seasons remains an unsolved mystery.

Still, Vincent Joseph Dooley was Norman Vincent Peale compared to Larry Munson.

The Dogs needed to hunker down one more time nearly every week because the other guys were always trotting out these big monsters against them. How could the Dogs stand a chance going up there on that river where all those Vol fans have been drinking Tennessee whiskey on those boats all week, or to Kentucky where Georgia fans might spend all their money on the horses and their attention on the pretty girls and forget about the football game? Why was Old Lady Luck perpetually frowning on the silver britches, with time flying when the Dogs were behind, but tick-tick-ticking so slowly when the good guys were ahead?

Can somebody explain that?

Oh, how Dog fans miss commiserating with Larry.

So, as Georgia fans sweat out these last few Dog(less) days of summer waiting on what might be another stirring season between the hedges it seems a wise time to pay homage to Vince and Larry.

What could go wrong for the Dogs? Not much if you follow New Jersey sports betting and handicappers around the country who place Georgia as one of the favorites to reach the College Football Playoff.

Here are five potential causes of concern Vince and Larry would surely point out.

The Running Backs Struggle

Regardless of how talented and deep the 2018 Georgia backfield appears, a program simply does not lose its second and third all-time leading rushers and get better at the position the next season. Nick Chubb and Sony Michel provided tremendous talent on the field, and apparently also terrific leadership qualities off the field and during practice. Their departures hurt.

Sophomore D’Andre Swift heads up the new depth chart, but the rising sophomore only carried 81 times in 2017. While strong, speedy, and elusive, he is smallish at 5’9”, 215 and has yet to prove he can consistently run tough between the tackles.

Backups Elijah Holyfield and Brian Herrien certainly can run tough inside, yet the fact remains they are journeymen backups entering their junior seasons. rue freshmen Zamir White and James Cook offer much promise and no experience.

The offensive line should prove an asset from the start of the season. That group performing as expected would ease pressure on the running backs.

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